Re-launch of Nairn Shop Front Improvement Grant Scheme

The Nairn Shop Front Improvement scheme has been re-launched with a simplified form and guidance.  Feedback from the Association of Nairn Businesses and applicants on Phase 1 of the scheme led to the review being conducted.  Liz Cowie, Ward Manager, has worked with Sheena Baker from the Association of Nairn Businesses on the review, which has been approved by the Nairn Councillors.

The Shop Front Improvement Scheme has been funded from Sainsbury developer contributions of £250,000, which also saw CCTV being installed and a street lighting scheme agreed.  The street lighting scheme is currently at the design stage. 

The £67,600 Shop Front Scheme opened in 2012 and will run until the funding is fully allocated. 

The funding covers a range of improvements including external paintwork, new signage and re-instatement of historical, original or traditional architectural features.  Full details of what can be applied for is contained in the guidance notes.  The first phase of the scheme allocated over £10,000 and saw work carried out to 9 properties along the high street.  The available funding left is £57,634.40.

Liz Cowie, Ward Manager, said: “The Highland Council is delighted to have worked with the Association of Nairn Businesses on the review of the scheme.” 

Sheena Baker added “It has been a long time coming to fruition but personally I am delighted it has and that applications can now be made to the fund. The revamped form is clear and easy to complete so I just hope the property owners or tenants take advantage of the scheme as it has limited funds to disperse.”

Application forms and guidance can be obtained from the Nairn Service Point, posted out by telephoning 01667 458552, online at  or by emailing

8 May 2015
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