Seashore shenanigans going for the double at Keiss and Lybster

Building Inukshuk Sculptures at last year’s Keiss Harbour Seashore Shenanigans. Photo by Marina Swanson
Building Inukshuk Sculptures at last year’s Keiss Harbour Seashore Shenanigans. Photo by Marina Swanson


After a fantastic day of fun at Keiss Harbour last year, The Highland Council Countryside Rangers are going for the double on their Seashore Shenanigans event this year.  Last year’s event was attended by close to over 200 people, where music and song and the largest crab competition ruled the day. The huge popularity of the event, means Keiss Harbour will host the Seashore celebration day again on Sunday 24th May at 10am to noon, but then they are moving the whole event with artists, story tellers and others across to Lybster Harbour to do it all over again in the afternoon from  3pm to 5pm. For a great family day out you have a choice between a morning and an afternoon of family fun, or if you have the stamina do both for twice the experience.

There are going to be all kinds of activities including children’s sea life face painting, stories of sea monsters and mer folk, a nautical themed music workshop with Play Away Music, Clay Sea Monsters with local artist Jenny Beaumont and seashore display and activities with The Highland Council Countryside Rangers. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Trust and the local Coastguard will be at both Keiss and Lybster, as the Highland Rangers marshal their troops at both venues.

Parking is limited at both locations so anyone coming along is asked to walk from the villages.

The Seashore Days are being hosted by local communities, proud to show off their Seashores and supported with the assistance of the Highland Seashore Project, a three-year initiative to get local communities out on their shores and feel excited about how amazing our Highland Coasts are. All events by the Highland Seashore Project are free; as Janet Ullman the project coordinator said: “It’s all about getting people out on to the coast and appreciating the wonder of it all.”

The Highland Seashore Project is working with the Local Highland Rangers, community groups, local museums, visitor centres and other organisations, all of whom are involved with promoting or protecting the coast for the communities the shores support and the wildlife there. The Highland Seashore Project is working with local groups to deliver seashore Events across the highlands over 2015.  The project web site and facebook page have up to date listings of all the events that are being planned as the year goes on.

The project is also working with the Highland Council Rangers in Wick on a forth coming Seashore Festival for this September. The event will have a variety of different themes from the local communities unique history and heritage, but also cultural, that have been inspired by the sea and coast. To find out more about the other festivals and events please go to the project web site at or the project facebook page at Highland Seashore Biodiversity Project.

To find out more please contact Janet Ullman on, and Marina Swanson of the Highland Council Countryside Rangers at



13 May 2015
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