Council awards contract to Highland Environmental Network

The Highland Council has awarded a new contract to the Highland Environmental Network (HEN) to publicise environmental information to Highland individuals and organisations.

The Highland Environmental Network was established in 1991 and is a not for profit organisation that aims to connect people who are involved or interested in environmental matters. The Highland Environmental Network is relevant to groups and individuals with an interest in the environment and as a single point through which organisations can communicate acts as a hub to tackle some of the communication challenges in remote and rural areas.

Councillor Maxine Smith, Chair of the Council’s Resources Committee said: “The Council has supported the network since 2009 and I am pleased that we have renewed this agreement until March 2016. In recent years the Highland Environmental Network has shown their ability and expertise in sharing information, facilitating partnerships and supporting community action.”

"HEN is a keen supporter of the Council led Carbon CLEVER initiative, which has a target of a carbon neutral Inverness in a low carbon Highlands by 2025. Through this contract, HEN will be able to conduct additional work to share information, and promote funding and job opportunities, helping the region move towards a Carbon CLEVER future.

“A fantastic network,  HEN is overseen by a passionate board of volunteers, or rather  experts, from a range of environmental organisations who contribute a significant amount of time to make sure the network is a success.”

Alison Craig, Vice Chair of the Highland Environmental Network, said "It is very rewarding to be part of Highland Environmental Network at this time, as we have an excellent Development Officer in the shape of Caroline Vawdrey who has been working hard, with the help of locally based researchers, to extend our understanding of the needs of community organisations delivering environmental projects across Highland through our Working Together research project. In addition we have been successful in our bid to continue to support better engagement between statutory organisations and Highland community organisations. We'd be delighted to hear from anyone who wishes to find out more about HEN".

The Highland Environmental Network's Annual Report 2014-15 is now available online at It outlines a range of activity the network has been involved in over the part year and provides information on the network’s success to date and plans for the future.

The report highlights growth in Network’s membership and displays the continued success of the organisation in developing a reputation for being an informative, reliable networking organisation.

For more information on HEN, please visit or follow on Twitter @HenHighland

For more information on Carbon CLEVER, please visit or follow on Twitter @Carbon_CLEVER.

14 May 2015
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