Discussions held about development of Carbisdale Castle

Constructive discussions over the development of Carbisdale Castle were held during a meeting on Monday evening (11 May) in Culrain.

The Castle was built in 1907 for the Duchess of Sutherland on a hill across the Kyle of Sutherland from Invershin, in the Scottish Highlands. It had been used for many years as a youth hostel and is now earmarked for development as a luxury hotel.

The meeting was chaired by Cllr Deirdre Mackay and attended by local Culrain residents, the Forestry Commission, HIE, Stuart Black, The Highland Council’s Director of Development and Infrastructure, Cllr George Farlow and  Rob Gibson MSP.

Cllr Mackay said, “It was a very constructive meeting, focused on solutions. The Culrain residents set out their concerns and, with the expertise around the table, we were able to methodically work through their issues and seek to allay those concerns.

“We are agreed that the development would be a very positive thing, bringing employment and prosperity to whole area. It is also important that we work together with developers and with the local community and other stakeholders to ensure that the development has the full support of the community.

“The Director has subsequently spoken with the Developer and a meeting with the Culrain residents and Developer is being arranged.”

15 May 2015
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