Walk to Work Week

Employees of The Highland Council took part in Walk to Work Week, promoting their physical and mental health.
Employees all over Highland were encouraged to take part in Walk to Work Week (11 – 15 May), a part of National Walking Month, as a means of getting healthier, reducing stress, and helping the planet. To prepare for this, Highland Council trained two “walk leaders” to take on the job of organising meetings, and guiding and planning walks.

As part of Walk to Work Week, Highland Council Countryside Rangers also organised some led lunchtime walks for council employees. This gave employees who were unable to walk to work the opportunity to take part and celebrate the positive effects of walking. Three walks were held, one in Broadford , one in Dingwall and one in Inverness.

Depute Leader of the Council, David Alston, said: “As the Highland Council wishes to promote healthy lifestyle choices as well as reduce our Carbon footprint, it is of the utmost importance that we help Council employees to understand the many benefits of walking and give them the opportunity to do this during the day. I am grateful to the Countryside Rangers for conducting this week’s lunchtime walks for us.” He added, “I hope that raising awareness of National Walking Month will encourage people from all areas and professions in Highland to start walking more.”

A short, Council-made video on the benefits of walking is due to be released online, and will be available to view by all Council employees and the public.

For more information on sustainable and active transport, including walking, visit:


15 May 2015
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