Council reviews progress towards the Council Programme “Working Together for the Highlands”

Progress towards the Council Programme “Working Together for the Highlands” was reviewed by Highland Council at its meeting yesterday as part of a review of the performance framework which monitors performance against the Programme.

Two commitments are marked as being achieved in 2013-14. One of these is that the Council will allow public petitions to be considered to be considered by Council and the relevant strategic committees.

Members were keen to see greater awareness of the public petitions.

Depute Leader, David Alston stated: “Taking part in a petition is one way that a community, individuals or groups can be involved in what the Council does. When a petition is submitted to the Council it can have positive outcomes by creating informed debate which may result in the Council taking further action to address concerns raised in the petition.”

Vice Convener Maxine Smith added: “Petitions may be lodged in relation to matters concerning the Council’s activities or responsibilities, including where other organisations deliver services on behalf of the Council. Petitions may also relate to matters of concern to the interests and welfare of residents, voluntary organisations or businesses in the Council area.”

Petitioners may wish to consider raising their issue using other forums before a petition is submitted, including:

  • raising the issue with the local Community Council
  • raising the issue with the appropriate local councillor(s), Member of Parliament or MSP
  • pursuing a complaint through the Council’s complaints process

Another commitment achieved included encouraging the use of the Cashback for Communities fund for local initiatives.

Cllr Alston went on to say: “Both the Cashback for Communities Fund and the Public Petitions facility allow our communities to get involved in decision making in their own areas and all members are keen to encourage greater involvement of the public.”

Information about petitions can be found on the council website:

15 May 2015
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