Warmer homes for Lochaber people with HEEP-ABS Programme

Lundavra flats
At the Lundavra flats, Fort William

Works have been completed on 181 homes in the Caol and Lundavra areas of Fort William to install external wall insulation, making homes warmer and reducing the carbon footprint of the Highlands.

HEEP-ABS has already saved around 17,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and is addressing fuel poverty in the Highlands.

Leader of the Lochaber Area, Councillor Thomas MacLennan, met this week (20 May) with representatives of The Highland Council’s Energy and Sustainability Team; contractors E-On Energy Solutions and Lochaber Housing to mark completion of the first year HEEP-ABS Programme works in Lochaber.

The Scottish Government Home Energy Efficiency Programme for Scotland – Area Based Scheme (HEEP-ABS) is intended to assist home owners to improve the energy efficiency of their properties and provide energy and cost savings to individuals. The scheme administered and directed in the Highland region by The Highland Council which has attracted over £12m to the Highlands for works to all areas.

Councillor Thomas MacLennan, Leader of the Lochaber Area said: “I am very pleased that people in the Lochaber Wards (Caol and Mallaig, and Fort William and Ardnamurchan) are benefitting from the first year of the HEEP-ABS scheme that will carry out insulation improvements to over 1,000 properties across the Highlands.

“The Council is committed to reducing the region’s carbon emissions and attaining a low carbon Highlands and this initiative is helping to achieve this. All seven Lochaber members are supporting this programme which also to helps reduce fuel poverty in the area.”

Nigel Dewbery, Head of Obligation Delivery at E.ON, said: “In Fort William and across the Highlands people are seeing the results of a successful relationship between E.ON, The Highland Council and the Scottish Government which has not only brought hundreds of families warmer and more comfortable homes but has also provided opportunities for local businesses. 

“The external wall insulation we can offer, funded through the HEEP-ABS scheme and from E.ON’s commitment to the Energy Company Obligation, could be available for some years to come and I am delighted that together we are helping some of the more vulnerable families in society to manage their energy costs for the long term.”

20 May 2015
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