Head Teacher recruitment in Highland

Far reaching strategies for improving the success rate of Head Teacher recruitment in the Highlands are being devised by The Highland Council.

Members of the Council’s Education, Children and Adult Services Committee have taken part in local workshops with Education staff to consider strategies to address the current challenges facing the recruitment of Head Teachers in the region.

The Council currently has around 20 Head Teacher vacancies being covered by temporary arrangements. The shortage and difficulties of recruitment are not unique to Highland but are widespread across Scotland.

ECAS Committee Members discussed various options that might be considered for Head Teacher recruitment such as:

  • possible incentives to attract relocation to the region;
  • long-term planning and mentoring of teachers for succession appointment following retirements; and
  • reviewing the recruitment interview panel and process.

Bill Alexander, Highland Council’s Director of Care and Learning thanked Members for contributing to the local conversations on Head Teacher recruitment, he said:

“There are two key issues facing the Council on how we manage schools and the recruitment and succession of Head Teachers.  This is the start of that conversation, and we are going to need to look at very far reaching solutions. I am enormously reassured by the wonderful people that we have managing our schools, who do it because they love the job. We need to ensure that we can support them more effectively, and that we support the next generation to become Head Teachers.”

A further more detailed report will be brought back to the ECAS Committee for Members’ consideration.

21 May 2015
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