Highland Council to consider final budget report in June

Members of Highland Council have considered the implications of a reported underspend of £5.586 million on the revenue budget for 2014-15. This equates to around 1% of the overall budget of £580 million.

The final figures will be reported to the June meeting of The Highland Council, once the accounts close down process is complete. The Director of Finance will also bring a report which will highlight unbudgeted pressures for the current year.

Members agreed that the June meeting should give consideration to roads maintenance, once the final budget and pressures are reported and the overall picture is clear.

Director of Finance, Derek Yule said: “Every service has managed to bring in their budgets on target and this demonstrates well controlled finances. The future will be challenging and we will have unbudgeted pressures to manage, which we are currently assessing.” 

Budget Leader Cllr Maxine Smith added: “The current financial position we have reported means we are in a strong position to face the challenges ahead.” 

Members also received a report on capital monitoring budget. A net expenditure of £102.352 million was reported, resulting in an underspend of £14.237 million. Slippage on priority projects will be carried forward to allow these projects to progress. 

Chair of Development and Infrastructure, Cllr Thomas Prag added: “It is worth highlighting that the Council spent over £102 million within the Highland economy last year and this in itself brings huge benefits including supporting local employment and development.” 

27 May 2015
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