Ness Islands management plan approved

Ness Islands Inverness
Aerial view of Ness Islands Inverness

A three-year updated management plan for the popular Ness Islands amenity area on the River Ness, Inverness has been endorsed by Members of The Highland Council’s City of Inverness Area Committee.

£35,000 funding for the management and maintenance of Ness Islands from 2015 to 2018 was also approved by Members from the Inverness Common Good Fund.

Ness Islands are owned by the Inverness Common Good fund, managed by Members of the Inverness City Area Committee and maintained by the Council’s Community Services.

Management of the site covers the maintenance of artists’ sculptures and outoor furniture; emptying bins and litter collection; grass cutting, bridge and balustrade inspections; lighting and electrical inspections and bulb replacements; tree maintenance and power washing among other works.

Leader of the City of Inverness Area, Councillor Ian Brown said: “The Ness Islands have suffered more than usual this past year due to flooding and high winds causing damage to trees. People use the Islands not just as an attractive place to visit and walk, but also as a thoroughfare to cross the River Ness and this was keenly felt by the public when we had to close the Islands due to storm damage and make them safe.

“This annual increase of £8,000 Common Good Funding for the Islands maintenance to £35,000 each year will hopefully allow more flexibility when repairs are needed and help to ensure that we minimise any future closures as much as possible.”

2 Jun 2015
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