Next Easter Ross District Partnership

The next meeting of the Easter Ross District Partnership will take place in Tain on Friday (5 June).  

The agenda will include Ian Murray, Chief Executive of Highlife Highland who will give a presentation on the work of Highlife Highland in the community and will invite discussion on potential local partnerships.  

There will also be a presentation from Seaboard Cares relative to their ongoing work within the community in the Seaboard area of Easter Ross and a further presentation from Graham Cooper of Action for Children in relation to the Catalyst Project.  

The District Partnership brings together partners to consider the delivery of health, social care and community safety issues in within each District Partnership area.  

The meeting will take place in the ground floor meeting room in the Duthac Centre Tain at 11am on Friday 5th June and the public are invited to attend.

3 Jun 2015
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