Stromeferry update as two options are still considered

At yesterday’s (Wednesday 3 June) meeting of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee, Councillors were given an up- date on Stromeferry and following feedback from recent public consultation and discussions with stakeholders, the Committee have agreed to reduce the three options to two.  

The On-line option that would have involved relocating the existing railway onto a viaduct built on the southern side of Loch Carron has been rejected, leaving two viable proposals. Still being considered is a North option that requires a bridge crossing of the Strome Narrows and a bypass around Lochcarron village and a South option that involves a diversion of the existing road corridor to the south.  

Since the three options were presented to the Committee for their consideration in November 2014, a Funding Strategy group has been set up and have held meetings to discuss ways of filling the significant funding gap.  The Highland Council has committed £10m to the project but to date no further external funding has been confirmed.  

Chair of the Committee, Councillor Thomas Prag said: “Everyone is in agreement that investment in the road infrastructure is vital if the area is to grow and prosper. I’d like to thank the public, stakeholders and local communities for their commitment and participation so far.  We will be looking for their continued involvement and support as we concentrate efforts into looking in more detail to both the North and South options and continue our work to identify external funding.”  

4 Jun 2015
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