“Getting involved” – new strategy to engage Council tenants

“Getting involved” is a strategy developed in partnership with tenant volunteers and sets out how the Council seeks to improve information and provide opportunities for tenants to get involved in services.

The strategy was developed by a review group consisting of volunteer tenants and housing staff over the past year. The tenants attended workshops, consultation and training events and reviewed good practice which could be adopted locally.

Director of Community Services, William Gilfillan explained: “We want to include tenants when considering issues affecting housing services and to enable them to take part in influencing decision making  about housing policies, housing conditions and other related services. Our aim is to improve the standard of housing conditions and services as part of a two way relationship between landlord and tenant.”

Chair of Community Service Committee, Graham Mackenzie added: “The Council spends over £48m a year on its housing services with over 99% of this  funded from tenants’ rents. The services we provide have a direct impact on the quality of life of over 13,500 tenants and other customers. We are absolutely committed to providing the highest standards of service. This strategy is about listening to and learning from what tenants tell us about their housing service, and encouraging them to get involved in shaping those services in a range of ways, from volunteering to putting forward ideas.”

The strategy has been developed in line with the Scottish Social Housing Charter. The report (item 14) about “Getting Involved” is published on our website here.
4 Jun 2015