Restoration work to Alexandra Bridge in Tain underway

As many Tain walkers will know work has well and truly started on the Alexandra Bridge at Tain links.  In fact, right now the bridge deck and the supporting hangers aren’t there at all - they have been taken down and removed for cleaning and restoration work. This detailed work will be done off site in consultation with Historic Scotland who are also key funders of the project along with The Highland Council and the Royal Burgh of Tain Community Council.

The next stage is to refurbish the bridge towers.  Sheet piling will be installed to help with this stage as access to the below ground sections of the towers is required. To do this the section of the river path at the bridge will be closed for up to 4 days. However, walkers will still be able to walk at the Links and also round past the old cemetery during this time. The path will then be opened again until the reinstatement stage when it will be closed again for 1 or 2 days so the piling can be removed.

Signs will be going up at the site to warn of these short closures giving full details of the exact dates once these can be confirmed, but it is hoped the contractor will be able to begin at the end of this week.

Speaking on behalf of the Tain and Easter Ross Ward Members, Local Councillor, Alistair Rhind said: “We are all delighted this work is now in progress. The bridge is a real Tain landmark and it’s good to know it will be restored and will soon be back in place with a new lease of life. I’m sure folk will understand the need for this short term closure of this section of the path, and will be as delighted as me once all the work is completed.”

8 Jun 2015
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