White Bridge B9090

The Highland Council is to consult the public on its intention to introduce an 18 Tonne maximum gross weight restriction at White Bridge on the B9090 Loch Flemington – Clephanton – Cawdor – Nairn Road.

White Bridge, spanning the River Nairn, is one the oldest bridges maintained by the Council and is a ‘Category A’ Listed structure. It has a humped vertical alignment and carries single file traffic in both directions, subject to traffic control signals.

The weight restriction is required following the recommendation contained within a recent structural assessment of the bridge.

The bridge’s condition is deteriorating and until the Council is able to identify, and be in a position to allocate significant amounts of funding required for repair, the bridge needs to be protected.  At the same time, the bridge requires to be available to most traffic normally using this route.

The introduction of an 18 Tonne maximum gross weight restriction will minimise the number of heavy axle load vehicles crossing the bridge, regardless of whether or not they are laden. The only exemption will be for emergency service vehicles attending an emergency.

In order to affect the weight restriction a formal process is followed which includes public consultation on the impact of the proposed weight restriction and alternative routes for vehicles affected.

It is anticipated that the consultation and traffic restriction order process will take some months and is therefore unlikely to impact on this summer’s tourism season traffic.

The Council is also currently reviewing alternative bridging locations of the river adjacent to the White Bridge which includes identifying the necessary funding for a replacement bridge.

The Council will publicise details on any public consultations in due course.

24 Jun 2015
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