Team approach to lead thinking on council budget

photo of team

A team of councillors has been set up to lead the Administration’s thinking on the council budget.  

The team comprises Chair of Resources Committee, Cllr Bill Fernie, Vice Chair Alister Mackinnon, Cllr Ben Thompson, and Cllr Matthew Reiss.  

Budget Leader, Cllr Fernie said: “This is a very challenging time for local authorities across Scotland and we are not alone in the stark realities of cuts up and down the country.  

“The £46 million budget gap we potentially face is unprecedented and will leave us with difficult and unpalatable choices. It is vital that we take a fresh look at every line across the budget and utilise the financial skills and experience we have within the Council, working collaboratively.  

“Our aim initially is to review the responses to previous budget consultations, to review priorities in the programme and apply fresh thinking to the budget as a whole.  This will take a team approach.  

“The financial risks which have been set out very clearly today, will be of real concern to our communities, to our partners and, not least, to council staff.  Long term financial planning is impossible, given the uncertainties we face. It will be much later in the year before we know the real resource implications, but the planning starts now to put us in the best possible position to respond quickly to Government decisions.”

25 Jun 2015
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