Highland community councils merge

At The Highland Council meeting yesterday (Thursday 25 June) Members agreed for Inverness Central Community Council to merge with Crown Community Council and for it to be named Crown and City Centre Community Council. Councillors also welcomed unanimously the merger of Nairn Suburban and Nairn West Community Councils.

The mergers were announced as part of an agenda item to review the Council’s Scheme for Community Councils which provides the framework for their operation.

As part of the discussions Councillors agreed that in future Community Council boundary decisions would be delegated to devolved administrative areas such as area committees or alternative arrangement.

Community Councils are voluntary organisations that act as a voice for their local area. They meet regularly to discuss issues affecting their area, including planning and licensing applications. All meetings are held in public and residents are encouraged to attend their local meeting.

Elections to all Community Councils in Highland are held on a four yearly basis and the next pan-Highland elections are scheduled to take place later this year in November. A campaign looking for people to stand in the Community Council election will be launched in August and will be open to people living in the area aged 16 and over.

Details of the Council’s Community Council Scheme along with an A-Z of Council contact details can be found by visiting http://www.highland.gov.uk/info/772/politicians_elections_and_democracy/364/community_councils

26 Jun 2015