Highland Games events to feature in documentary

A film crew from the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet programme will be flying to the Highlands from Canada to film reigning Inverness Highland Games Champion Sinclair Patience in training and in competition as he defends his title on Saturday 18 July at the Inverness Gala in Bught Park. 

With each of the individual Heavy events contested at Highland Games requiring a unique combination of techniques, strength and speed; the documentary is expected to reveal information about the physics behind Scotland’s original extreme sport as part of a special programme about Scotland.

Inverness Highland Games Chairman Angus Dick said: “Little is known about the mechanics of the traditional heavy events staged at Highland Games; and as a result there is already considerable interest on the International Highland Games circuit about this documentary. 

“It will be fascinating to discover what is happening from a scientific perspective as our cabers are turned or our weights and stones are launched into the air; and we are really looking forward to welcoming the film crew to Inverness next week.”

6 Jul 2015
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