Ardnamurchan High School celebration of success

Charlie Anne Pleming and Kate Bradley best in school
Charlie Anne Pleming and Kate Bradley best in school

Awards were presented at the annual Ardnamurchan High School celebration of success on 23rd June.

Head Teacher Chris Millar-Craig welcomed a good turnout of parents and guests and in his address outlined the key highlights of "...a year of incredible change, challenge and progress at Ardnamurchan High School".

He reflected on the success of the school and its young people and shared some of the many successes of those who have moved on and been awarded further qualifications and awards since leaving school. 

Addressing parents and carers he stated, “Whatever stage your children are at, whatever changes and challenges we face, we are committed to offering the best provision possible for your child and we look forward to the year ahead.”

The top nomination certificate awards this year were:


  • Joint 1st Place - Charlotte Adam Prosser
  • Joint 1st Place - Janie Patterson
  • Joint 1st Place - Alistair Tait


  • 2nd Place - Kay Christian
  • 1st Place - Niamh MacLellan


  • 2nd Place - Chloe Hamilton
  • 1st Place - Kate Bradley


  • 2nd place - Hannah Hunter
  • 1st Place - Charlie-Anne Pleming


  • Joint 2nd Place - Andrew Jackson
  • Joint 2nd Place - Megan MacPherson
  • 1st Place - Sara MacKinnon


  • Joint 2nd Place - Jan-Hendrick Ewers
  • Joint 2nd Place - Lewis Hervo
  • Joint 2nd Place - Thomas Rae
  • 1st Place - Jamie Begg

Overall best in school winners

  • Kate Bradley
  • Charlie Anne Pleming

The Special Awards this year went to:

  • Rural Excellence Award (Crofting Heritage) - Rowan MacGillivray
  • Lochaber Housing Association Cup for Academic Achievement in 2013/14- Jamie Begg and Isabelle Tilling
  • Rotary Club of Lochaber Prize for Endeavour - Jamie Begg
  • Community Partnership Award - The Duke of Edinburgh Team: Elaine Jackson and Ali Connolly

Among sporting awards were:

  • Highland Schools’ Swimming  Event Age Group: 13-14 years  Bronze Medal Lyall Morris
  • Athletics Award Senior Boys - Cameron Wilson
  • Athletics Award Junior Boys - Christopher McCowan/Ross Shaw
  • Athletics Award Senior Girls - Annie MacDonald
  • Athletics Award Junior Girls - Janie Patterson

Wider achievements were also shared and celebrated.  

7 Jul 2015
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