Thurso and Wick Traffic Management top of the agenda for Ward Forums

photo of traffic

Two Ward Forums are being held in Thurso and Wick on 22nd July and 29th July to discuss the traffic management in both towns and its environs. Members of the public will be able to have their say on how they see the management of vehicles in both towns over the coming years.

Caithness Civic Leader and Wick Councillor, Gail Ross who will Chair both Forums said: “I am constantly being contacted by residents from Wick, Thurso and Landward Caithness about the cavalier approach taken to parking in the both towns and general road sense of drivers and I know that this is also a very deep concern of my colleagues from Thurso and Landward. The general public now have an ideal opportunity to make their own thoughts known through a public Forum and I would urge all those who have an interest to attend. I look forward to some lively debate emanating from both towns.”

The Highland Council local Community Services Manager will be in attendance along with representatives of Police Scotland and elected Councillors.

Police Scotland local area Inspector Nick Clasper said: “Road Safety is a local Policing Priority for all Wards in Caithness. We are delighted to have the opportunity to hear from the public about traffic management in the area looking forward. This will look at not only enforcement, but education and engineering options with our partners.”

The Thurso Forum will be held in the Pentland Hotel on Wednesday 22nd July starting at 7.00pm with the Wick Forum, a week later, on Wednesday 29th July in the Town Hall also with a 7.00pm start.

13 Jul 2015
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