Leader expresses concerns at SPP plans to outsource work

The Leader of The Highland Council has written to SPP (Scottish Provincial Press) to express concerns at the announcement of their intention to outsource work to India with the loss of 11 jobs to the Highland area.

Cllr Davidson said: “This is a time when many in the public and private sector are trying to grow employment and the economy in the region and it is disappointing to see a respected organisation, with a close relationship to the public sector, reducing its local workforce and outsourcing employment elsewhere.”

She added, “ I quite understand the changing nature of the press industry and the need to meet budgets, however, outsourcing jobs can never be a good solution for the economy of the Highlands. I urge SPP to consider the concerns which are being widely raised and take another look at how they can reduce costs without impacting on local employment.”

22 Jul 2015
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