Dingwall Seashore Festival this weekend

photo of story teller
Photo credit Gavin Skipper Story Teller Bob Pegg charming song from shells.



It’s all happening in Dingwall this Saturday with a wide array of Seashore activities, events and games taking place along Dingwall’s High street, well known venue the Greenhouse and at the Ferry Point at the end of the Peffery Canal. All the events are free, offering a great chance for people of all ages to come along and find out more about what goes on along our fascinating coastline and the creatures that call it home.

The day starts at 11am in the High street, outside the Town Hall, with artists Emma, Beads and Paddy doing seashore arts and crafts including seashell wind charms, making monsters and beasts from recycled beach rubbish and Viking inspired art.  The Slim Pantells will be busking there with sea shanties and hopefully some folk will join in for a jig and a sing-a-long.

At 2pm at the Greenhouse famous local storyteller, Bob Pegg, will be on stage with his marine themed tales and music from shells. Then there will be a storm of music inspired by the coast from Jinski at 3pm and Dog Song at 4pm as well as sea animal face painting for the kids (and adults) with free cake and juice. Cornelian Hughes will have a display of Sea Glass jewellery on display, appropriately at the Green House and available for sale.

If you want to be more active join the Dingwall Environment Group for a big estuary clean up at Ferry point, on the Peffery at 12 to 1pm. This will include a big sweep netting event with the Cromarty Firth Fishery Board. The RSPB will be hosting  an event there from 1pm to 2pm and local Marine Biologist, Mike Kendall, will be finding mud beasties from 2pm to 3pm.

The Free Seashore Roadshow is being hosted by the Dingwall Environment Group with the support of the Cromarty Firth Fisheries Board, The Greenhouse and the RSPB all proud to show off how amazing our Highland Shores are. Supported with the assistance of the Highland Seashore Project, a three-year initiative to get local communities out on their shores and feel excited about our Highland Coasts. All events by the Highland Seashore Project are free; it’s all about getting people out on to the coast. In 2013 the project worked with local community groups and the Highland Ranger Service and brought six large community Roadshows to venues around the Highlands. This year the Highland Seashore Project is working with local Community groups to run Seashore Festivals across the Highlands in eight different venues, celebrating how the Shore has influenced local heritage and culture.

To find out more about the other festivals and events please go to the project web site at www.highlandseashore.org.uk and go to the festivals page or the project facebook page at Highland Seashore Biodiversity Project.

23 Jul 2015
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