Highland Council Administration publicise priorities in new Programme

Leader of Highland Council has highlighted the proposed priorities for the Council over the next 2 years. 

The Programme is based on three main themes: A Community-Led, Well-Served and a Fairer Highland in addition to a thriving capital. There are 62 commitments which focus on a number of key priorities.

Leader of the Council, Margaret Davidson said: “This programme sets out ambitions for an action focussed 20 months ahead and this is about quality not quantity.  It is about choosing the top priorities and working in partnership to achieve what the best we can for Highland.

“We want to empower communities to fully participate in local decisions which affect them. Our commitment is to work towards building a fairer society in the Highlands, with better opportunities for our young people, better workforce planning, more apprenticeships and affordable housing.

 “Improving connectivity is of utmost importance, both in technology and in transport. Good broadband and mobile coverage are essential for communities to thrive and we will be focusing very much on improving this across the Highlands. Connecting our communities in Highland with each other and with the outside world is also vital, with good road networks, reduced congestion, effective public transport and reliable air links.”

Councillor Davidson went on to say: “We will be ensuring Highland’s voice is heard when national policies are being made. The Highlands are taking the brunt of ever-increasing centralisation of national resources and urban-focused policies. Better infrastructure, transport, affordable warmth and economic growth and investment are all crucial to the Highlands. We can’t do all this on our own. We need to work with partners and with the Scottish and UK Governments to secure better outcomes for the region and we are committed to that task.”

The Programme will go online on the Council website on Friday 7 August and will be discussed at Highland Council on 13 August.

4 Aug 2015
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