A third of Glen Urquhart S5 pupils gain 5 Highers

32.1% of S5 pupils at Glen Urquhart High School have gained 5 Highers at A-D – the highest in the Authority.

Paul Milton, Head Teacher at Glen Urquhart High School praised the pupils. He said: “The results at Glen Urquhart High are again excellent. Three of our pupils gained 5 Higher passes at A. This is a significant percentage from a cohort of only 28 pupils.”

The three pupils are: Natasha Robinson, Fraser Thom and Hector Wotherspoon.

He added: “The information also shows 61.9 % of our S4 pupils gaining 5 National 5s at A – D which is the 2nd highest in the Authority.

“We are absolutely thrilled for all our pupils.”

6 Aug 2015
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