Highland Council welcomes approval of West Link footpath orders

The Highland Council has received confirmation today, that the first of two statutory processes for the West Link Road are now complete, with only the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) to be confirmed.

The Highland Council (West Link Road (A6128), Stage 1 – Various Footpaths, Inverness)(Stopping Up) Order 2014 has been confirmed by the Scottish Government’s Reporter following the ‘Hearing’ that was held as a result of two objections.  This relates to various footpaths between the River Ness and Dores Road, Inverness and the Reporter has now confirmed the Order, subject to a route number being changed. 

Leader of The Highland Council, Cllr Margaret Davidson welcomed the news saying: “This is excellent news for Inverness and the surrounding area. We are another step closer to actually getting on with the work of building the road. The West-Link project will deliver a greatly improved infrastructure to support the future development, growth and prosperity of Inverness and the Highlands and it is keenly awaited by many people.”

Chair of the Planning Development and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Audrey Sinclair said: “The project will improve accessibility and provide greater opportunities for pedestrians and cyclists as well as motorists. The Dores Road and Island Bank Road connection from Ness-side to the city centre is narrow with a lack of footpath provision and as a result facilities for pedestrians and cyclists are inadequate. This project will provide an efficient link from Ness-side across the river at Mill Lade, and the opportunity of providing a segregated cycle track footpath link following the north bank of the River Ness to the City centre.”

Provost of Inverness, Cllr Helen Carmichael added: “The West Link Road will greatly reduce congestion in the city centre, which I am sure will be welcomed by everyone, especially in the light of the traffic jams we have been experiencing in recent days and weeks, with the increased visitor traffic to the area. Less traffic will also make for a safer and more pleasant environment for everyone.”

The Council are expecting to hear shortly from the Scottish Government regarding the CPO for the West Link project, which was progressed earlier this year without any outstanding objections.

Preparatory works are scheduled to begin next month.

10 Aug 2015
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