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Pictured at Munro’s Waste Transfer Station and Recycling Sorting Plant in Evanton are (left to right): Tabitha Walker, Sales and Marketing Manager, Rosanna Zywietz and Paula Betts from The Highland Council Waste Awareness Team, and Marcin Dybowski - Waste Transfer Station Manager

The Highland Council is introducing further new materials to the blue bin recycling service at the end of August. 

Following on from the recent introduction of aerosols, envelopes and cardboard food and drink cartons, from Monday 31st August residents will also be able to recycle plastic pots, tubs and trays. These materials are all in addition to paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, food tins and drink cans. Loose plastic bottle tops may also now be put in.  

The Council is keen to emphasise that all items must be clean, dry and loose. Plastic pots, tubs and trays must be rinsed to remove any traces of food residue, which will not only taint the plastic, but also contaminate the other material, like paper and cardboard. Black plastic trays, pots and tubs must not be included; this is because there is no ready market for this material. Householders must also not include non-packaging plastic, such as toys and general household goods.  

The Highland Council has produced a new recycling guide for all households, not only explaining the new service but also containing lots of other handy information on reducing waste, reusing and recycling. 

Chair of the Council’s Community Services Committee, Councillor Allan Henderson said: “Having the opportunity to recycle more items in their blue bins is something people have told us they are keen to do so this move is good news for householders and good news for the environment as it will cut the amount of waste going to landfill. I urge people to read the guide to ensure they only include the correct items and take on board the ‘clean, dry and loose’ message.” 

The guides will be distributed by the recycling collection crews and left in a plastic envelope on blue bins during the fortnight commencing on 17th August

Householders are asked to ensure that they put their blue bin out for collection during this fortnight – even if it isn’t full – to ensure they get their guide. Anyone who is away during this period and does not receive a guide can call 01349 886603 or email

The contract for processing the blue bin material for the whole of The Highland Council area was recently awarded to Alness-based Wm Munro Construction (Highland) Ltd. Tabitha Walker, spokesperson for Munros, said: “We are delighted to have been appointed to handle the blue bin material for The Highland Council and look forward to working together to deliver the Scottish Government’s recycling targets.” 

She went on to add: “Keeping the processing local is not only good for the environment but has also created 10 new full time positons at our Evanton Recycling facility.” 

A grant from Zero Waste Scotland has helped fund some of the communications for the new service. Zero Waste Scotland, is funded by the Scottish Government to support the delivery of its Zero Waste Plan. Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland said: “Re-using or recycling materials can help to capture their value and reduce our impact on the environment, contributing to achieving Scotland’s zero waste ambitions.  We’ve already made fantastic progress in increasing the recycling rate in Scotland, but even regular recyclers can do a bit more, so it’s great to see Highland Council making it possible for residents to recycle even more materials from the kerbside.”  

For further information about the new items that can be recycled in the blue bins visit: , email or call 01349 886603.

11 Aug 2015
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