Lochaber parents invited to take part in The Incredible Years

Parents of 3 - 5 year old children in Lochaber who find their behavior difficult to manage are being invited by The Highland Council and NHS Highland to take part in a programme which will support them parent their child in the pre-school years. 

The “Incredible Years Programme” aims to offer support to the parents who have children who are much more demanding than most. This is achieved by the help of trained staff who run high quality parents’ groups.  

Topics include setting limits, reducing conflict, improving social skills as well as play and social play and others. All the topics are worked in a way that fits with parents own circumstances – what works in one family may not fit another. 

In Fort William, Highland Council and NHS Highland are working with the Scottish Government Psychology of Parenting Project (PoPP) to provide the Incredible Years programme available with the first groups starting from September. 

Alan Richards, Highland PoPP Coordinator explained: “For those parents that qualify this is important because they will receive support to attend, for example with child care, and there is a proven benefit arising out of getting involved with these groups when children are young and before they start school.  

“Reaching the parents of 3–5 year old children is important because it is at this young age when children can be supported effectively to grow and be successful.”  

He added: “We know that these programmes work from research into their effectiveness and from comments from parents attending Incredible Years groups.  

“One mother said that she had been swimming with her son with no incident; she had gone to the pictures with no incident and had been able to go to the play park with no incident. Another father said: ‘it’s like I have my child back’.” 

Parents or carers can find out more about the project from their health visiting team on 01397 709859 or contact Alan Richards, Highland PoPP Coordinator on 01463 711176 alan.richards@highland.gov.uk





11 Aug 2015
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