Belladrum Superheroes saving the environment

This year’s Belladrum hopes to have been the most sustainable yet, thanks to the efforts of a team of Environmental Superheroes organised by the Highland Council’s Carbon CLEVER initiative and Pat Munro Waste Services.

The team, in their bright white t-shirts and superhero capes, patrolled the campsites and arena, handing out bin bags and rewards to festival goers, demonstrating Carbon CLEVER behaviours and summoning those caught being naughty to the Carbon Court.

Keith Masson, Policy Coordinator – Climate Change at the Council said: “The Environmental Superheroes have done an incredible job.  They’ve promoted the zero waste to landfill message really well and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from festival goers.

"We’ve handed out well over 200 goody bags to people who have done their bit, and only had one appearance at the Carbon Court, which is a tremendous result.!"

The waste will be recovered and sorted. Waste that has no recycle value will be taken to Perth for another sorting process where it will become solid re-covereable fuel (SRF) and sent to Europe to be incinerated to make electricity, thus avoiding landfill completely.

This year’s belladrum festival aimed to be the first zero waste to landfill festival in Scotland.

11 Aug 2015
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