Kites at Seadrift

kite flying photo

The breezy conditions at Dunnet Beach earlier today provided excellent flying conditions for the kites made during the children’s countryside Ranger craft event at the Seadrift Centre in Caithness.

Earlier today (Friday 14 August) thirteen children from five families assembled their very own kites using plastic bags and garden canes in the Seadrift Centre then went out on the beach to fly them.

Countryside Ranger Paul Castle said: “I think that is the first time I can remember that every kite flew perfectly first time. Normally one isn’t made just right and refuses to fly properly but everyone managed to produce a perfect flying kite and thankfully we had no tears. We all had a great time flying these simple kites made form everyday household items.”

The kite event was part of the countryside Ranger activities for north Caithness and other activities can still be found by checking the website at or asking your local Ranger for a copy of the events booklet.



14 Aug 2015
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