Barn Church Road and Tower Road junction improvement works update

The Highland Council is reminding all road users in Inverness that the road safety improvement works underway at the Barn Church Road/Tower Road/Keppoch Road four-way junction are to continue for a further eight weeks.

Scottish Water have now almost completed the diversion of the water main to the north of the road widening on Barn Church Road in Inverness. They are currently waiting for confirmation of acceptable water sampling test results before completing the connection to the live water main.

Once work to the water main diversion is completed, the main road works at the junction will resume. The works include localised widening of Barn Church Road at the Tower Road and Keppoch Road junctions, the introduction of a pelican crossing at Tower Road, and new traffic signals with revised phasing to eliminate right turns across live traffic lanes.

The main contractor, Coffey Construction, will start the road works in earnest on Monday (7 September). Road users should expect more serious disruption and delays to their journeys than has been experienced over the past few weeks and they are encouraged to use alternative routes to and from Inverness for the next 8 weeks.

3 Sep 2015
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