Inverness Members support Freedom of Highlands for Royal Regiment of Scotland

The Royal Regiment of Scotland will receive a warm welcome in Inverness on 15 October 2015 when granted the Freedom of the Highlands by The Highland Council.

Members of the Council’s City of Inverness and Area have agreed that £24,401 Inverness Common Good funding will be allocated towards the cost of arrangements required for the granting of Freedom status.

On 15 October around 250 Royal Regiment of Scotland troops, including their pipes and regimental bands, accompanied by Cruachan IV, the regimental mascot Shetland pony will march through Inverness to the Northern Meeting Park. At the Park they will form up for a Drumhead Service and an official ceremony bestowing the Freedom of The Highland Council Area upon the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Following the ceremony the Regiment will exercise their right to March through the city with bayonets fixed and colours flying. They will follow a route passing Eden Court, along the front of Council headquarters, down Ardross Street, passing Inverness Cathedral where a salute will be taken, then returning to Eden Court.

After the march-past there will be a reception for the Regiment and VIP’s in attendance.

The Royal Regiment of Scotland was formed in 2006 and draws support from across the Highlands. Following the celebrations in Inverness, there will be parades in Wick, Dingwall and Fort William on 16 October.

Provost of Inverness and Area Councillor Helen Carmichael said: “This will not only be a major historical event but also an amazing spectacle to witness the Royal Regiment of Scotland marching through Inverness. On behalf of Inverness Members I can say that we are thoroughly looking forward to the granting of the Freedom of the Highlands to the Royal Regiment of Scotland. For me personally it will be an extreme honour as Provost to take the salute and to have a role in such an important and historic event.”

11 Sep 2015
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