Boost for childs’ play in Nairn

Members of The Highland Council’s Nairn Ward Provost Fraser and Councillors Fuller, Green and MacDonald have welcomed the completion of works to install new play equipment at the Nairn Links play area.

Local and visiting children to the area will have a choice of fun new kit to play on including: 2 ‘springies’, a see-saw, rotating platform, 3 trampolines, 3 play panels and a climbing frame. The works totalling £37,248 also included refurbishment of existing swings at the play area.

Provost of Nairn, Laurie Fraser said: “My Ward colleagues and I are very pleased that these excellent new items of play equipment are installed and ready for use at Nairn Links. We have listened to people in the local community who have an interest in how we provide for our younger people and families and I am confident that both locals and visitors to the area will be delighted with the new facilities.”

The project was financed by the Council’s Nairn Ward discretionary budget (£23,750) and Community Services Capital fund (£13,498).

The equipment was chosen after discussion with a local stakeholder group that involved young parents and some of the local nurseries.

18 Sep 2015
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