Carbon CLEVER grant helps ensure future viability of community museum

A Carbon CLEVER Community Grant Fund award to the Grantown Museum and Heritage Trust will help to ensure the long term viability of the facility while reducing its carbon footprint.

Members of The Highland Council’s Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey Area Committee have approved £7,190 funding for the Trust to enable them to convert their museum display lighting from halogen to low energy LED lights.

This one-off grant will save around 85% on the Museum’s annual electricity costs with a reduction of 7,923kWh electricity use each year, equating to an annual reduction of 4.3 tonnes of carbon .

The community-led visitor attraction, which also provides a Tourist Information Service, attracted 8,000 visitors last year and is supported by 50 members and over 30 volunteers.

Keith Masson, Highland Council’s Climate Change Policy Co-ordinator said: “The Council’s Climate Change Team will work with Grantown and Museum Heritage Trust to ensure that the project and the benefits in reduction of the facility’s carbon footprint are marketed and promoted accordingly.”

Chair of the Council’s Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey Committee Councillor Liz MacDonald said: “We are keeping the funding stream open for this year to encourage existing and new groups to apply for innovative carbon reduction projects. This successful application by Grantown Museum is a good example of how communities can develop sustainable futures.”
23 Sep 2015
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