Two-way traffic to return to Academy Street, Inverness

Work is programmed to take place on Academy Street, Inverness in the evenings of Monday 28, Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 September and during the day on Thursday 1st October to enable the return of two-way traffic flow to this key city centre road on Friday 2nd October.  

Scaffolding at the fire-damaged ‘M & Co’ property will be moved back towards the façade of the building.  This will allow an extra lane for two-way traffic to once again flow along the length of Academy Street which is currently restricted to single lane operation.  

In addition a walkway will be created which will enable pedestrians to walk uninterrupted along the currently restricted side of the street.  

Provost and Leader of Inverness Councillor Helen Carmichael said: “I am greatly encouraged that these changes to reclaim the traffic and pedestrian flow on Academy Street will greatly benefit the local business community in particular and the City in general. I would like to thank everyone for their continued patience while the works take place next week to move the scaffolding.”  

In order for the scaffolding works to be carried out, Academy Street will have to be closed to through traffic between 7pm and midnight on 28, 29 and 30 September. Daytime works will take place on Thursday 1st October and Friday 2nd October without the need for a closure.  

Vehicular traffic will not be able to enter Academy Street from Chapel Street, but will still have access from the Millburn Road end via Union Street, Church Street and Queensgate where traffic will be directed to turn left only. Drivers are asked to consider using alternative routes while the works are in progress. 

Strothers Lane will, unfortunately, remain closed to vehicular traffic, but pedestrians will continue to be able to access the wide range of shops and businesses located along its length.

24 Sep 2015
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