Hilton Primary to host Healthier Scotland cooking bus


 Pupils at Hilton Primary in Inverness are eagerly looking forward to the arrival next week of the Healthier Scotland cooking bus.

This giant, hi-tech articulated lorry opens out into a spectacular purpose- built kitchen and classroom where qualified food teachers give pupils, teachers and the wider community a taste of quality cooking.

This Cooking Bus, funded by the Scottish Government as part of its Healthier Scotland programme, is run by Focus on Food, the leading organization to support the teaching of cooking in schools and communities across the UK.

Participants climb aboard for lessons under the expert eye of Advisory Teacher   Sarah   McCoshim,   whose   planned   programme   of   cooking activities is tailored to the age of those taking part and supports the work of the schools or community group they are working with. There will also be training for the teachers and the wider community, so that they can continue  helping youngsters cook with confidence long after the Bus has rolled out of the yard.

Focus on Food Cooking Buses tour the UK delivering lessons to children and adults alike on how to prepare, cook and enjoy real food.

Scottish Minister for Public Health Maureen Watt said: “The Cooking Bus can bring cooking to life in a fun and interactive way.On the Bus, pupils, teachers and community groups across Scotland are getting the opportunity to learn about the food they eat and have a go at cooking simple, nutritious meals. And even more importantly, the skills and knowledge individual’s gain from their time on the bus will help them make healthier choices throughout their lives.”

The Healthier Scotland Cooking Bus is part of the Scottish Government’s efforts to improve the health of children and families in Scotland. As well as teaching cooking, nutrition and food safety and hygiene to pupils the Bus will welcome mums, dads, guardians and carers and community groups on board to reach the wider community. The core of all lessons will be hands-on cooking.

Sarah McCoshim, Advisory Teacher on the Healthier Scotland Cooking Bus said:   “Many children have never cracked an egg or cut a tomato, The  Healthier Scotland Cooking Bus provides pupils  with  a unique opportunity to take part in a ‘hands on’ practical cooking session or activity. The Cooking Bus approaches the teaching of nutrition and healthy eating in accordance with the Curriculum for Excellence and sessions are designed to inspire young people to learn about the social importance of food in their diets, school and wider community. The majority of participants agree that the recipes are practical, do-able and economical and leave the Bus feeling empowered to try the recipes at home and appreciate the dietary value and economic sense of home cooking.”

The Chair of The Highland Council’s Educations, Children and Adult Services Committee, Councillor Drew Miller said: “I am sure the visit of the Cook Bus will generate real enthusiasm about food in the school and local community. We are committed to engaging children, as early as possible, in understanding the link between food and health and preparing them to make informed choices about what they eat in the future.”

1 Oct 2015
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