Highland supports digital roll-out

Leader of The Highland Council, Councillor Margaret Davidson has welcomed the opportunity at the Convention of the Highlands and Islands held in Elgin today (5 October) to discuss how to improve broadband and mobile phone connectivity across the Highlands.

Commenting at the convention Cllr Davidson said: “There has been good progress today. Highlands and Islands Enterprise has been tasked to take forward mobile and broadband connectivity collaboration with BT and the mobile operators to move us well on with that final 10 - 15 percent of coverage that will be needed to reach all of our communities.”

Improving connectivity in the Highlands is a key priority for the Council which has made a commitment to work with others by:

  • working towards achieving Highland’s ambition to provide effective broadband and mobile (3G & 4G) coverage for all;
  • working with our partners to develop a joint action plan in order to define and deliver solutions of broadband and mobile technology to the most difficult to reach areas of the Highlands;
  • striving to achieve a digital dividend for the Highlands by working with partners to ensure digital inclusion for all; and
  • promoting and encouraging innovative exploitation of the technology by the businesses and communities.

Councillor Davidson added: “I very much welcome the support of Depute First Minister John Swinney to work with Highland Council, partners and business to ensure our communities across the Highlands are able to benefit from good connectivity which is an essential part of daily life and business.

5 Oct 2015
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