Royal Regiment of Scotland marches to Freedom of The Highlands

Freedom of the Highland Region

People in the Highlands are invited to witness The Royal Regiment of Scotland parade through Inverness on 15 October and Wick, Dingwall and Fort William on 16 October following conferral of the Freedom of the Highland Region to the Regiment by The Highland Council at a ceremony taking place in Inverness.

The Highland Council will bestow the Freedom of the ‘Highland Council Area’ upon the Royal Regiment of Scotland at a Drumhead Service in the Northern Meeting Park, Inverness on 15 October.  After the ceremony the Royal Regiment of Scotland will exercise their right to march through the city with ‘Bayonets fixed and Colours Flying’.

The colourful parade will include the Pipes and Drums of The Highlanders 4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (4 SCOTS), and the Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland as well as Lance Corporal Cruachan IV, the Regimental Mascot, a Shetland Pony.

Convener of The Highland Council, Councillor Isobel McCallum will confer the freedom of the Highland Region on Brigadier The Hon Hughie Monro CBE, Honorary Colonel of 7 SCOTS on behalf of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. She said:

“It will be a great honour to confer the Freedom of the Highlands on the Royal Regiment of Scotland. To be part of history-in-the-making is an immense privilege and I am looking forward to taking the salute from each and every member of the Regiment. On behalf of Members of The Highland Council I welcome the Regiment not only to Inverness, but also to Fort William, Dingwall and Wick where they will also be marching their right to Freedom of the Highlands.

“By conferring this Freedom, The Highland Council is acknowledging and thanking the men and women who serve in The Royal Regiment of Scotland and have given their lives for their country to keep us safe in the knowledge that we are protected.”

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Platt of The Royal Regiment of Scotland, said:

“The Royal Regiment of Scotland has always drawn its strength from the unrivalled support our infantry soldiers get from the community around them, so we are delighted and honoured that we are to be granted the ‘Freedom of the Highlands’.

“Our Regiment is immensely proud of its heritage in the Highlands and across Scotland.  We strive to serve the wider community in the finest traditions of those who have gone before us and we look forward to showing our appreciation for the support of the Highland Council through these parades.”

In Inverness, members of the public can watch the Regiment parade starting from Crown Primary School at 3pm on 15 October. The parade will be led by 4 SCOTS  and Regimental Mascot - Cruachan IV down Stephen's Brae, Eastgate, along High Street, Young Street, Ness Walk, and Bishop’s Road to the Northern Meeting Park arriving at around 3:30pm.

Following a ceremony the Regiment will parade out of the Northern Meeting Park north gate at 4:45pm with colours unfurled and bayonets fixed and onto Ardross Street, Bishops Road and past Eden Court where the parade will end.

In Fort William, soldiers of The Royal Regiment of Scotland will exercise their Freedom of the Highlands on 16 October at 11:20am when they will parade from the west end of the High Street to Parade Gardens. Brigadier George Lowder MBE, Lord Lieutenant of Inverness Donald Cameron of Lochiel and Leader of the Lochaber Area Councillor Thomas MacLennan will take the salute in Cameron Square.

Also on Friday 16 October at 3pm a parade will be held in Dingwall starting at Ferry Road marching onto High Street. The parade will be led by The Highlanders Pipes and Drums and Mascot Cruachan IV. The Convener of The Highland Council, Brigadier Monro CBE, Council Members and Lord-Lieutenant, Mrs Janet Bowen will take the salute outside Dingwall Town Hall.

The parade in Wick will commence at 10:30am starting at Dempster Street and ending at Sinclair Terrace.

Members of the public are invited to view the parades at Inverness, Fort William, Dingwall and Wick.

Further information on the Royal Regiment of Scotland is available on their website at:

12 Oct 2015
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