Community Safety is in the spot light for the next Lochaber District Partnership meeting

The last meeting for 2015 of the Lochaber District Partnership is to be held on Tuesday 27 October at 1.15pm in the Council Chambers, Lochaber House, Fort William.   

The meeting will focus on the ‘community safety’ aspects of the Lochaber Community Plan and will include a presentation by the Highland Drug and Alcohol Partnership, information on a new community self-managed development fund aimed at services supporting people living with long term illness and a look at the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service thematic Autumn action plan.  

Other items on the agenda include a report on Digital health initiatives and discussion surrounding evidence based tools to assist in the identification of geographical areas in most need.  

Members of the public are welcome to come along and observe the meeting and will be invited to comment on the items discussed at the end of each section of the agenda. 

14 Oct 2015
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