Festive Period dates for extended on-sales hours applications

Premises licence holders are advised that The Highland Licensing Board has agreed upon dates over the festive period 2015/16 between which extended on-sales hours may be permitted.

The extended on-sale hours if approved can be up to 4am for late opening premises and up to 2am for other on-sales premises in accordance with the Board’s Licensing Policy Statement.

The dates within which the Board may allow such extended on-sales hours are:

  • from Friday 11 December 2015 (allowing extensions from Friday 11 December into Saturday 12 December);
  • to Sunday 3 January 2016 (allowing extensions from Saturday 2 January into Sunday 3 January only).

Applications for Festive Period extended hours should be made by no later than 1 December 2015.  No guarantee can be given that applications received after that date will be processed in time. 

Applications can be made online at: www.highland.gov.uk/request then click on “Liquor Licence” and choose ‘Extended hours licence’. 

16 Oct 2015
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