Marybank Primary School Education Scotland report

Highland Council very much welcomes the Education Scotland report on Marybank Primary School, which praises highly the pupils, staff and whole school community. 

It is very satisfying to see the hard work of all involved being recognised in this way.  The report highlights the high expectations at the heart of pupils’ successes and notes that pupils are very clear about their next steps in learning.

The inclusive approach of the school is also singled out for mention. Parents are key partners in the development of pupils’ learning and the report makes it clear that this is the case both in the nursery and throughout the school.  Standards of attainment are high and the report praises the pupils’ high level thinking skills.

The enthusiasm of the pupils and all who work with them, including partners in the community, is a key factor in the school’s success, and helps to explain why the Inspection Report rates the school so highly across the board. 

The Council is delighted that the leadership skills of Head Teacher Kerrie Laird and the hard-working professionalism of her staff have been acknowledged in this way.  We look forward to continuing success as the school.

2 Sep 2015
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