Highland Council to hold a series of Facebook chats on budget issues

The Highland Council is to hold a series of Facebook chats on budget issues, starting with a discussion on the council tax.

For the eighth successive year, the Council has frozen the Council Tax.

Leader of the Council Margaret Davidson will be on our Facebook event page from 17:30 to 18:30 on Tuesday 27 October, to chat with you and hear your views on council tax.

Councillor Davidson said: “Like other Local Authorities, The Highland Council is facing an unprecedented forecast budget deficit over the next 3 years. We are currently looking at a wide range of proposals and ideas to save money and increase income.

“We would really like to know what people think about continuing the council tax freeze. This is the eighth successive year that the Council has frozen the Council Tax in line with every other local authority across Scotland. This has led to a reduced budget in real terms over the past several years.

“People are increasingly saying to me that they do not want to see more cuts in frontline services, such as gritting our roads.

 “This is the first of a series of facebook chats we will be holding over the next few weeks to find out what people think about a range of issues. This is the first time I will have taken part in one of these events online and I am looking forward to chatting to people across the Highlands.”

The Facebook chat can be found on the Highland Council Facebook page under Events.

Information about how we spend the council tax can be found on our website

23 Oct 2015
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