Rail exhibition celebrating 150 years visits Council Chamber


Caption (left to right):  Trevor Rosbrook (Strathspey Railway Association), Deborah Quinn (Strathspey Railway), Isobel McCallum (Convener, Highland Council), Ian Lamb (Dava Project) and Jaci Douglas (Highland Councillor Badenoch & Strathspey)

An exhibition of model trains highlighting 150 years of the Highland Railway Company made a stop at Highland Council’s chambers on Thursday (29th Oct).

The Highland Railway was formed in 1865 when The Inverness & Aberdeen Junction and Inverness & Perth Junction Railways merged. It controlled around 250 miles of railway across the North of Scotland, including what is now the heritage Strathspey railway.

The display was organised by the DAVA project, who promote the Strathspey railway and the local area in general. It was funded through the area’s Ward Discretionary Budget and displayed at Council Headquarters for all Council Members’ information.

Badenoch and Strathspey Councillor Jaci Douglas said: “The exhibition showed just how much the engines have advanced over 150 years.

Although the rolling stock has changed, the importance of the railway to those living, working and visiting the Highlands has remained the same. The volunteers work really hard highlighting and promoting the history of the railways and we were really grateful for their presence at the Council meeting.”

2 Nov 2015
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