Highland Council to hold the second in a series of Facebook chats on budget issues

The Highland Council will be holding a Facebook chat on Community Services tonight. The chat is one of a series of chats on budget issues, which began with a discussion on the council tax last week.

Chair of Community  Services Committee, Cllr Allan Henderson and Director of Community Services William Gilfillan will be on our Facebook event page from 17:30 to 18:30 tonight Tuesday 3 November, to chat with you and hear your views on services such as waste management and car parking charges.

Community Services delivers many of the Council’s everyday services, with staff in regular contact with the people of the Highlands. The Service delivers a wide range of services including refuse collection, grass cutting, winter maintenance, housing, homelessness, public conveniences, playparks, roads maintenance and many more services which help to make your community a safe and pleasant place to live.

Councillor Henderson said: “We are currently looking at a wide range of proposals and ideas to save money and increase income, whilst protecting the most essential of services as far as possible.

“Next year, some of the Community Services budget will be devolved to local area committees so that people can decide what their priorities are and how it should be spent in the area in which they live. We would really like to know what people think about this and what they view as priorities in their areas.”

He added: “We also want to know if you would be prepared to do a little bit more in your community to help protect frontline council services.”

You can take part in the facebook chat and some of the questions posed on our facebook event page which can be found here.

3 Nov 2015
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