Improvement work at Inverness junction completed

The new road layout and traffic light system at the Barn Church Road/Tower Road/Keppoch Road was opened to traffic yesterday, improving the safety of pedestrians and drivers. 

The Council would like to thank road users, the local community and businesses for their patience and cooperation during the works. All roads are now fully open and all businesses are fully accessible without traffic delays.   

At the centre of the works is a new integrated traffic light system, now incorporating pedestrian crossing control at the bottom of Barn Church Road. It also includes bus prioritisation technology to reduce the waiting time of buses at the light. The dangerous crossing of right turning traffic into Tower Road has been eliminated by the introduction of light-controlled filter lanes. A direct light control pedestrian crossing has been introduced across Barn Church Road which is a primary route for Culloden Academy pupils travelling to and from school.

5 Nov 2015
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