Your Cash Your Caithness – chance for public to vote on funding for local projects

Following the initial bidding process 20 projects now have a chance to put their idea to the public vote. There is £30k on offer with applications totalling £46k.

The participatory budgeting event will take place in the Pulteney Centre, Huddart Street, Wick on Saturday (21 November) and will run from 10am until around 1pm. Each applicant will be given a 5 minute slot to make their plea for funding and a vote will take place at the end of the event to determine which projects are successful.

Caithness Civic Leader Councillor Gail Ross who sits on the local implementation working group said: “This is handing decision making to the Community it is the first stage in returning community empowerment to the most local level. I encourage anyone interested in the process to come along and make their vote count.”

Crèche facilities will be available for those attending the event and places should be booked through the Pulteney Centre prior to 19th November 2015.

16 Nov 2015
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