West Link tenders issued

 West-Link connecting our communities

The Highland Council will issue invitations to tender for the construction of West Link Stage 1, (Dores Road to the A82) and Canal Parks Enhancement Project, to eight contractors tomorrow, Friday 20 November.

A number of contractors expressed an interest and the eight contractors have been selected to submit tenders following a pre-qualification process.

The closing date for tenders will be early in the new year and the contract will be awarded. The work will then commence on the building of Stage 1 of the West Link and the associated Canal Parks Enhancements Project in the spring of 2016.

Chair of the Development and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Audrey Sinclair, said: “This marks another positive step forward in the West Link project.”


•  Planning approval for the West Link was issued on the 14th April 2014 following consideration at the South Planning Application Committee on the 8th April 2014. 

• Highland Council agreed a total of £55 million allocated funding to progress the West Link and enhanced sports facilities on 12 March 2015. 

• The detailed costs of the West Link scheme are reported at £36.6M (at December 2014 prices). This compares to the cost of £34.398 reported in September 2013.

•   The Council also approved the enhanced sports facilities made possible by the West Link project. Funding was agreed for the Rugby pitches and facilities at Canal Parks (£4.1 million) and the redevelopment of Torvean Golf Course (£8.2 million).

•   Due to the extended construction programme, with works anticipated to be complete in 2020/21 and applying construction inflation* over this period an allocation in the capital programme of £43.35m was approved.

•   The footpath orders were confirmed on 6 August 2015

•   The West Link will deliver significant economic benefits to the city and surrounding area. It is anticipated that almost £4 in economic benefit would be achieved for every £1 spent on building the road alone.

•    The scheme enables construction jobs and housing development and the revenue that would bring to the region. Developer contributions of £3.75 million are anticipated to be received following the development of land for housing

•    The West Link will also reduce traffic congestion, improve journey times and support active travel through cycling and walking. 

•    The main construction for stage 1 (east of the canal) will commence in Spring 2016 with completion in late 2017. Stage 2 will be completed in 2020 following the relocation of the golf course

•   The existing facilities will be enhanced to provide a community facility managed by Highlife Highland with completion programmed for 2018. 

West-Link connecting our communities

19 Nov 2015
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