Bower Bairns Build for Wildlife

Building bird boxes
Pupils from Bower Primary

Bower Primary school P4-7 children have being learning about ‘Wildlife and Habitats’ this term. The pupils have built a bug hotel and bird boxes which will stimulate learning and help to improve their school grounds for wildlife, with help from the local Highland Council Development and Infrastructure countryside ranger.

The children collected all of the materials for the bug hotel from home and each child helped in the building. The children used old slates, flagstones, wood, bark, canes, leaves, cone, old flower pots and other recycled materials, such as pipes to fill a constructed pallet frame.

Head Teacher, Mrs Jacqui Budge, said: “We are so grateful to Marina for her guidance, energy and expertise. The children are truly delighted with what they’ve learned and achieved and we are all excited to see what ‘guests’ book in to our bug hotel and bird boxes. Our Eco Committee will be monitoring this and again this is something that Marina will be involved in.”

Marina Swanson, HC ranger said: “The children were very enthusiastic and resourceful during the bug hotel build. They all worked extremely well to create such a wonderful home to attract mini beasts into their wildlife garden. With the success of the bug hotel, we decided to go further and build bird boxes. Again the children rose to the challenge and produced high quality bird boxes, which I am sure the birds will love.”

24 Nov 2015
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