Grab it, Bag It, Bin It – Even in the Dark

Grab it, Bag It, Bin It – Even in the Dark

..... that’s the message from The Highland Council. With the short winter days upon us many dog owners are only able to walk their dogs in the dark. However, this is no excuse for not picking up after their pets and dog owners face fixed penalty fines of £40 for this inconsiderate act; this rises to £60 if not paid within 28 days and possible conviction and a fine of up to £500 if this remains unpaid.

Dog walkers should never leave the house without first grabbing a supply of dog poo bags. If they are out before light or after dark they should also carry a torch so they can see to bag it and either bin it (any public litter bin will do) or carry the waste home.  It is also important that they keep their dog in sight  – preferably on a lead – so they are aware of its movements; not having seen the dog foul is no excuse under the law; a fluorescent collar or one fitted with LED light can help here and also is a good safety measure to protect the dog.

Chair of The Highland Council’s Community Services Committee, Councillor Allan Henderson said: “Anyone who has stepped in dog mess knows how unpleasant and embarrassing this is and how easily it can then get  spread around the streets and into buildings, further increasing the health risks .People who exercise their dogs in parks, playing fields and along pathways in scenic areas – the coast, canals or rivers etc. - should also be aware that they must always pick up after their dog.”

He added: “I would encourage members of the public to report instances of this anti-social behavior and emphasise that to do so is not ‘snooping’ but being responsible and public spirited.”  

Members of the public can report incidences of dogs being allowed to foul in public places by calling 01349 886603 or emailing . They should try to record the location and time of the fouling, owner’s name and address if known, description of the dog, including colour and breed, if known, and their own contact details…although anonymous calls are also accepted.

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1 Dec 2015
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