Next meeting of Inverness West District Partnership

The next meeting of the Inverness West District Partnership will be on Friday 18 December in the Craigmonie Centre at Glen Urquhart High School in Drumnadrochit.

Adam Palmer, Employee Director with NHS Highland who is Chairperson of the Partnership said, “Items for discussion this time include an update on what’s happening in Care at Home, and we are particularly looking forward to a presentation on the new community micro-enterprise project, which is about communities, with support, setting up their own organisations to provide care and help to people in their own community.  

“There’s also a chance to hear about some funding which is available now for new activities or services to promote health and wellbeing for people with long term health conditions.  We are a friendly group and, as usual, members of the public are very welcome to attend.”

A key speaker at the meeting will be Jeni-Lin Knott a Social Worker with NHS Highland. Jeni-Lin will be talking about the Community Micro-Enterprise Project started by the Self Directed Support Team in September 2015.  The project aims to identify and develop community micro-enterprises (CME) within local communities and to build resilience within communities with self-directed support.

District Partnerships bring together a range of partners to discuss issues relating to the delivery of Integrated Children’s and Adult Services and health, social care and community safety issues in each partnership area.

The meeting, which starts at 10 am, is open to the public and there will be an opportunity for members of the public to raise issues and ask questions.


11 Dec 2015
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