High Life Highland to take over Bught Nursery in Inverness

Next year High Life Highland will take over the running of the Bught Nursery in Inverness which is currently operated by The Highland Council.

Savings in the Community Services budget were agreed by The Highland Council last December and this transfer will play a role in meeting the budget target for the service.

The transfer will enable key high profile floral displays and baskets to still be provided ready for planting and although there will be reduction in the overall numbers of bedding areas currently maintained directly by the Council, there will be opportunities for communities themselves to have a more active role in these if they wish.

Chair of the Council’s Community Services Committee, Councillor Allan Henderson said: “Everyone will be aware of the huge budget pressures the council is under. We have had to look closely at all areas of our work to find ways to achieve the necessary savings. I am pleased that High Life Highland will be taking over the nursery as this is a much better option than the other one we faced which was closing down completely.

“With changes can come new opportunities and in this case we will be looking for communities to let us know their priorities and exploring new ways that will give volunteers and community groups a more active role in providing annual colour and plants to key sites. Further work on this will begin early next year with council staff holding meetings to find out what priorities for communities are and how we can work together to make the most of the resources that are available.”

High Life Highland currently runs Inverness Botanic Gardens, the popular year-round visitor attraction which is adjacent to the Bught Nursery. In January 2014 The Highland Council and the Inverness Common Good Fund, together with private investment from Cobbs, supported the re-branding and re-launch of the facility previously known as Inverness Floral Hall. The £111K re-development unveiled expanded and improved facilities when work was completed in March this year.

Chief Executive of High Life Highland Ian Murray said: “We are very pleased to be asked by the Council to continue the growing on of plants at the nursery and that the efficiencies we can offer through the tie in with the Botanic Gardens means that the planting for important floral displays can continue.”

The transfer of the nursery is due to take place formally on the 1st April but the handover process will begin in early 2016.

22 Dec 2015
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